Samuele Pagani

Ruolo: Aquaculture and Fishery Resources PhD Student

Samuele Pagani received his MSc in Ecology and Nature Conservation in 2019, with a thesis focused on the role of benthivorous fish in nutrient recycling and eutrophication processes. Since October 2020 he is working at IMC on the topic “freshwater and coastal lagoons ecology”. He is currently a PhD student interested in aquatic environments and in understanding the effects of anthropogenic pressures, as well as habitat alteration and species introduction, in shaping the ecosystem functioning. His research is mainly related to the coastal lagoon ecosystems, where bivalves’ aquaculture activities, together with other pressures, could unbalance the trophic state and in particular the pelagic-benthic environments and nutrient cycling. During his PhD, he will use a combination of biogeochemical approaches, such as reconstructed microcosms, standard intact core incubations, and biomanipulation of reared species, in order to disentangle the ecosystem’s role of each organisms, highlighting areas and/or time periods of criticality for the ecosystem functioning and the survival of the farmed species themselves.

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