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The IMC Foundation – International Marine Center ONLUS is a research organization whose main objective is to promote scientific research aimed at the correct management of bioresources and the Mediterranean marine environment.

The role of the IMC in the regional research system is oriented to the proposal of sustainable scientific and technological solutions to support the production systems that employ marine and coastal resources in their processes, and at the same time to stimulate initiatives that can generate wealth and wealth through the conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems.

In this context, the contribution of the IMC is linked to the research experience both in the field of sustainable aquaculture of marine organisms of commercial importance and conservation interest and in the environmental field, in particular the ecology of coastal and lagoon marine ecosystems of the impacts anthropic activities that insist on the coastal strip.

Thanks to these characteristics and skills, two “Scientific schools” have been funded, which will be addressed to students, graduates in scientific disciplines of national and / or international origin, PhD students, researchers and public administration technicians. The maximum number of members is 20 students.

  1. Coastal Space Planning for the development of Sustainable Aquaculture. (PISCAS)
  2. Sustainable management of the sea urchin: towards a balance between the need for harvesting and the conservation of ecosystems (RIMA)



Towards a Sustainable Aquaculture

According to the time schedule, activities continue as part of the Tecnomugilag Project – Transfer to the companies operating in the lagoon of breeding techniques in a controlled environment of Mugil cephalus.

The project entered the fourth and penultimate semester and the fry present in the tanks of the marine center are expected to be released for next spring in 3 lagoons on the west coast.

For this reason, meetings with companies are continuing in recent weeks to update on the progress of the project and on the preparation of equipment, spaces and organization for the release of fry.

Meetings with fishermen are proving to be fundamental for promoting the diffusion and development of aquaculture techniques for alternative species in the Sardinian territory.

The activities will continue in collaboration with the University of Cagliari and Sassari and Agris. For more information, please consult the following pages:






The lagoons of Porto Pino and Nora have been deemed suitable for the environmentally friendly experimental breeding of oysters on the basis of the environmental characteristics, the data collected and evaluated, and on the basis of the declarations provided during the expression of interest by the fishermen’s cooperatives.

The project is part of the PO EMFF 2014/2020 Priority IV, PdA FLAG South Western Sardinia, Action – Creation of environmentally friendly oyster farms


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