Workshops and Internships

The IMC Foundation regularly hosts undergraduate and graduate students for training periods as part of internships offered by  the science faculties of national universities (Genoa, Trieste, Bologna, Cagliari, etc.) and international ones (Paris, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, etc.), as well as those offered by job training agencies and the job training program Master & Back. The experiences of the trainees are given in the Foundation Bulletins (Bollettini della Fondazione) in the archive.

The IMC has been a part of the Erasmus Placement in Sardinia program, since the academic year 2013/14. This program is for students of foreign universities who wish to do an internship in another country, and have been invited by the training programs and international exchange programs linked to the University of Sassari. The IMC is on the list of entities offering internships in the region.  These exchanges give foreign students an educational experience and the possibility of acquiring new skills, as well as direct knowledge of the economic, social and cultural environment of the region.

The fields of research currently offered at the IMC are as follows: coastal ecosystems, monitoring and management of coastal and marine resources (with particular focus on the sea urchin, Posidonia oceanica, macroalgae and alien species), lagoon ecosystems, farming issues of commercially important species regarding restocking and aquaculture (focusing on mullet roe, clams and sea urchins), and the production of microalgae as food for larvae in fish farming and other industrial uses. For all areas of research, the participant is expected to take part in outreach activities organized by the IMC.

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