Benthic Invertebrates Aquaculture Laboratory

The benthic invertebrates aquaculture laboratory is structured so that it can easily be adapted to the farming of marine species with different biological and ecological characteristics. Currently, the laboratory is mainly used for the reproduction and rearing of benthic invertebrates, in particular the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus.

fondazione-imc-laboratorio-invertebrati-bentonici-03The facilities are suitable for experiments on the diets, techniques and conditions of aquaculture, both on a small, laboratory scale and on a larger scale.




Current activities

  • Reproduction and larval rearing of P. lividus in small volumes in cylindrical containers (5 liters) equipped with a mechanical rotary system for water movement, and in large volumes in six truncated conical tanks (500 liters) equipped with independent recirculation filter system (biological filter and mechanical cartridge filter).
  • Cultivation of micro and macro species of algae indoors inside rectangular 240-liter tanks and outdoors in cylindrical containers.

Systems for both small and large volumes are equipped with ventilation and light. It is possible to adjust the photoperiod and the temperature.

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