Diving and field instruments

Field instrumentation for measuring physical and chemical parameters of the water (pH, Eh, dissolved O2, salinity, temperature, conductivity, Hydrolab multiparameter probe). Equipment for sampling the water column and sediment biota (Corer nets and buckets, phyto-zoo bottles, soil probe). Multiparameter Idronaut probe with fluorometer and 7-band radiometer. Innotech Coastal Lagrangian Drifter. Knudsen 320 BP single beam ultrasound, with dual frequency transducer, (200/28 kHz, precision of 1 cm) interfaced with GPS differential geodetic Ashtech ProMark.
ENDECO / YSI 850 V-Fin depressor towed body. 2 offshore oceanographic buoys with current meter, CTD, a weather station, a nutrient analyzer, PAR sensors.

Scuba diving equipment. Boat for sampling coastal areas (max. 5 people). 5 Nikonos underwater cameras and accessories.

+Camera and GoPro +T data logger.

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