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Greathead C.,  Magni P., Vanaverbeke J., Buhl-Mortensen L. ...et al. - (2020)

A Generic Framework to Assess the Representation and Protection of Benthic Ecosystems in European Marine Protected Areas

Greathead C.,  Magni P., Vanaverbeke J., Buhl-Mortensen L., Janas U., Blomqvist M., Craeymeersch J., Jennifer Dannheim J.,  Darr A., Degraer S., Desroy N., Donnay A., Griffiths Y., Guala I., Guerin L., Hinchen H., Labrune C., Reiss H., Van Hoey G., ...Read more

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G. Brundu, S. Farina, P. Domenici - (2020)

Going back into the wild: the behavioural effects of raising sea urchins in captivity

New publication by G. Brundu, S. Farina and P. Domenici on the locomotor behavior of hedgehogs produced years ago at the IMC in collaboration with the CNR PDF

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- (2018)

Using seagrasses to identify local and large-scale trends of metals in the Mediterranean Sea

Marine Pollution Bulletin (2017), http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.marpolbul.2017.09.021 PDF

Guillem Roca, Teresa Alcoverro, Mariona de Torres, Marta Manzanera,Begoña Martínez-Crego, Scott Bennett, Simone Farina, Marta Pérez, Javier Romero (2015) - (2018)

Detecting water quality improvement along the Catalan coast (Spain)using stress-specific biochemical seagrass indicators

Ecological Indicators 54 (2015) 161–170. PDF