Higher Education

The Foundation introduces young graduates to the world of work and research through professional development training as well as the coaching of masters and doctoral research candidates in collaboration with national and European universities.
For some years the IMC has been a part of the Master and Back program.  This is a program promoted by the Sardinian Region, which aims to give jobs to young Sardinian graduates who have completed a training program outside the region and earned a standard of excellence. Graduates are given the opportunity to put what they have learned during their years of training and specialization to use in the Sardinian workforce.

The research activities available at the Foundation are divided into the following:
Coastal ecosystems– (Species biology, demographic aspects of key species, ecological indicators, monitoring of habitats and endangered species);
Production activities– Aquaculture (reproduction and growth of species of commercial interest)
Production  activities – Microalgal biomass (for food and industrial purposes).

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