2019 - 2022

Projec title

BLUEfasma – Empowering innovation capacity of SMEs, maritime clusters and networks in MED islands and coastal areas to support blue circular economy growth in fishing/aquaculture

Funding Programme: Interreg MED 2014-2020

Programme objective tackled: Axis 1, sub-objective 1.1

Total budget: 2,811,585.00 €

Project duration: 32 months


Lead Partner organisation


Project short description

BLUEfasma integrates and implements Circular Economy (CE) principles in the key blue growth sector of fishing/aquaculture to benefit MED insular/coastal areas in a novel/innovative way. Project team tackles the transnational challenge of continual depletion of natural resources and the below-EU-average MED CE innovation performance in fishing/aquaculture. Its overall objective is to empower innovation capacity of SMEs, maritime clusters/networks, PAs to boost blue CE growth in insular/coastal areas. CE prevents depletion of resources by closing energy & materials loops, leading to smart/sustainable growth as a key MED joint asset. Currently PAs/SMEs are cautious to embrace CE practices, which PAs perceive as cumbersome & SMEs as non-profitable. BLUEfasma is a European project in the framework of Interreg MED 2014-2020 Programme co-finance by the European Regional Development Fund and the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.

BLUEfasma approach will change current thinking on circularity by:

  • replicating effective CE work (eg in efficient use of waste & by-products), mainly from North-EU&MED projects;
  • testing the upgraded circularity self-assessment tool in 11 participating MED territories and monitoring business readiness/willingness to invest in R&I;
  • organising BLUEfasma Living Labs & targeted transferring activities;
  • shifting policy towards CE;
  • systematizing funding opportunities for blue CE innovation business investment.


  • Main outputs:
    – BLUEfasma online platform
    – BLUEfasma Living Labs
    – BLUEfasma Capacity Building Instrument
    – Capitalization events
  • The outputs will increase innovation capacity and transnational activities among blue actors of Inter. MED Community.


LP1 – University of Patras – Department of Civil Engineering – GREECE

PP1 – Region of Crete – GREECE

PP2 – Dynamic Vision – GREECE

PP3 – Pôle Mer Méditerranée – Toulon Var Technologies – FRANCE

PP4 – Maritime Cluster of Balearic Islands – SPAIN / Illes Balears

PP5 – MEDCITIES – SPAIN / Cataluña

PP6 – Taormina Etna Consortium – ITALY/Sicilia

PP7 – Fondazione IMC – ITALY/Sardegna

PP8 – Larnaca-Famagu sta District Development Agency (ANETEL) – CYPRUS

PP9 – Dubrovnik Neretva Regional Development Agency DUNEA – CROATIA

PP10 – IrRADIARE, Science for evolution®, Lda. – PORTUGAL / Área Metropolitana de Lisboa

PP11 – Chamber of Economy of Montenegro – MONTENEGRO

PP12 – Malta Marittima Agency – MALTA


BLUEfasma poster


Scientific responsible: Maura Baroli

Project Manager: Paolo Mossone


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