Aquaculture and Fishery Resources

fondazione-imc-laboratorio-acquacoltura-avannotteria-attività-produttive-18The ongoing research and projects carried out in Aquaculture and fishery resources are concentrated on the management and aquaculture of species which have commercial importance as well as on their interactions with the environment.  This also includes the experimental production of microalgal species for industrial and environmental use.  These are divided into two main areas: aquaculture and microalgae. Our research in aquaculture focuses on sustainability and increase in productivity in lagoons and coastal areas.

fondazione-imc-laboratorio-microalghe-attività-produttive-05Our studies focus on farming systems for the production of species of commercial interest and the repopulation of organisms subjected to heavy fishing, in particular the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus and grey mullet Mugil cephalus. Thanks to laboratory studies, it is possible to evaluate and monitor aspects of production in order to create operative protocols for aquaculture.  The identification of the best diet and maintenance conditions of larvae and juveniles can reduce growing times in the tank and increase the survival rate of the individuals produced.

Current activities

• Reproduction, in controlled conditions, of the fish species Mugil cephalus; pilot plant for rearing of larvae and juveniles
• Production of algal biomass to be used as food for early larval stages of invertebrates and fish species

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